dont date a girl who runs a pale blog, she’ll wake you up with coffee and nice kisses; date a girl who runs a humor blog, she’ll wake u up by pouring water on u and steal ur clothes after u shower

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UEE for H: CONNECT S/S 2014

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be happy

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Misty Day was an incredibly kind-hearted witch who used her power of resurgence to bring back more people and creatures than I care to count.You could always find Misty singing and dancing along to Stevie Nicks songs. We lost Misty during the Seven Wonders. She was an amazing witch and one of the best people I’ve ever known.

Cordelia tells the new witches about Misty Day.


today i saw a scene couple in the hallway at school and the girl literally stopped kissing him so she could scratch his face and meow into his ear and he barked back i do not pay taxes for this shit 

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